Infrastructure Solutions, Information Worker Solutions and Mobility Solutions. We market Microsoft products and implement server solutions of these products. We focus on the migration of existing environments to new server products that enable to improve business efficiency and company processes. We provide solutions also for network security, PKI creation and implementation. Owing to the partnership with Microsoft we have access to the latest SW technology and can offer you its exploitation.

  • Gold Server Platform
  • Silver Identity and Security
  • Silver Independent Software Vendor (ISV)   


Our company is a certified VMware partner with certification VMware Authorized Consultant (VAC). VMware, Inc. was established in 1998 with the aim to bring virtual technology on standard computers. VMware products represent an attractive and asked solution that allows reducing the total number of physical servers and efficient use and re-distribution of their computing power.

  • VMware Authorized Consultant
  • Vmware Enterprise Partner
  • VmWare – Infrastructure Virtualization competency


We are a certified Hewlett-Packard partner with certification Networking Specialist and Preferred Partner. We deliver Hewlett-Packard active elements for building LAN networks with large power and the emphasis on high availability, scalability and ease-of-use for a wide range of customers. An extensive portfolio of elements using the principles of Adaptive EDGE Architecture™ enables to build secure, mobile and converged data networks from the smallest ones up to large enterprise solutions, including wireless technology and administration systems. Perfect service facilities of Hewlett-Packard enable to provide customers with above-standard guarantees.

  • HP GOLD Preferred Partner    


Our company is a certified Cisco Systems partner with certification Premier Certified Partner and  specialization Routing & switching and Security. From Cisco Systems we offer especially switched solutions (Layer 2, 3, 4) of LAN networks on a wide base of switches, access servers enabling remote authorized access to parent network, routers interconnecting data networks on various technology equipment, network security solutions (firewalls, IPS systems), secure communication solutions (VPN), WiFi solutions, systems of network surveillance and management. A wide product range allows complex building of small, medium and large networks of types LAN, MAN and WAN.

 Cisco Premier Certified Partner

  • Advanced Routing & Switching
  • Advanced Security
  • Advanced Wireless LAN
  • Express Foundation 


Our company is a certified IronPort partner with certification level SILVER. IronPort Systems is a leading provider of security products for e-mail and web for various organizations from small businesses to large enterprises. It provides high-performance, easy-to-use and technically innovative products for the companies facing a huge task how to administer and protect critical networks against internet threats. IronPort offers solutions for highly efficient filtering of junk mail as well as intelligent protection of user web browsing.

  • IronPort Bronze Certified Partner



Our company is a certified partner of UTIMACO Safeware that has belonged to the leading players in the field of data security for more than 20 years. The products developed for ensuring maximum security rely on perfect authorization and encryption that is based only on world's recognized standards and easy command.


We are a certified 3Com partner with certification level SILVER Partner, including Switch 7700 specialization. From 3Com we deliver switches (Layer 2,3,4) of LAN networks, WAN routers, security technology TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention System, firewall, virtual private network (VPN), authentication solution, authorization, intrusion detection systems (IDS), wireless technology, network administration applications. A wide product range enables to market to large, medium and small companies feature-rich, high-performance and complete solutions for data and voice applications.


WE are a certified APC partner with certification Reliability Provider Partner. APC that is a leading provider of products and services for global power protection, offers the solutions from small UPS that can provide backup power in case of grid outage for several minutes, to building complex infrastructures for server farms and data centers. In addition, APC offers a whole range of additional equipment for installation, servicing, management and monitoring of backup power systems. Here there are rack systems, cooling equipment, distribution systems, spare accumulators as well as the tools for administration that enable to manage and monitor efficiently the operation of backup power systems.


Nortel Networks offers to users and businesses multimedia converged network solutions for the transmission of data, voice and video. Variable configuration, modular, stackable or fixed equipment designs allow to choose the right solution as required by the customer. Nortel Networks portfolio includes modern switches, high-performance routers, high-availability equipment, data source security equipment, application switches, firewalls, Virtual Private Network equipment. Nortel Networks is a key player in the field of IP telephony and multimedia communications. An important moment is trouble-free migration from traditional TDM telephony to IP telephony with the possibility of combining all communication media to a single interface, so called Unified Messaging..


Tyco Electronics-AMP belongs to the world's leading manufacturers of universal cabling systems and our company has the status of NDI partner (Network Designer and Installer). The workers of our company went through a series of certification trainings ACT I – III for design, planning and implementation of universal cabling systems. Thus basic conditions are fulfilled for providing 25 years' warranty that applies to permanence and stability of installed products as a functional set.



 Oracle Patrner, Network Partner




 Certified Partner



 Authorized Reseller
 Authorized Reseller Training



ZyXEL certified reseller, ZySTAR Silver Level




DELL Direct Partner







 Symantec Silver Partner



Inveatech Certified Bronze Partner



 Citrix Solution Advisor





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